Whether you are just starting to notice those crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes, or you have been struggling to find the perfect cream, I am with you, girl. I have been searching for almost ten years to find a cream that would help me eliminate the wrinkles and prevent further loss of elasticity around the eyes.

The good news is that Murad’s Eye Wrinkle Reducer really gives you what you are looking for when it comes to instant results and a long term solution.

Applying a small amount to the brow and under the eyes results in an instant result, smoothing out wrinkles around the eye. There was absolutely no irritation and I was surprised at how fast it worked – the skin around my eyes really looked better than they did just before applying it. This is one of the only cream’s on the market that works this fast. But after a few short weeks of using it I was able to notice a general improvement to the texture of the skin around my eyes.

Effect on the Skin Around the Eyes Rating
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles ????
Reduces Dark Circles ????
Reduces Puffiness ????

Product Description
Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer for eyes is a cream unlike any other. When you start using this cream, you will see immediate results. But the process doesn’t stop there! The cream goes to work deep down in your cells, improving their ability to retain moisture and bounce back after laughter and smiles. This cream literally makes your skin younger. The longer you use it, the better the results.

Active Ingredients
The active ingredients for this product were not available on the website. I am awaiting an email reply from the manufacturer and will update this review as soon as I hear something. The ingredients that are listed on the packaging are the standard ingredients seen in all products of this nature.

What I Like About This Eye Cream
I like that it works so fast. You don’t have to use it for weeks and weeks before you ever see a single result. The good news, then, is that if you are just realizing you need an eye cream because you have an upcoming event and don’t want to look like the oldest chick in the bunch, then this one can work fast! And unlike some of the other “instant result” products, this one will also improve your skin with long term use.

What I Don’t Like About This Eye Cream
It is a little on the pricy side, but then again what eye cream isn’t? If it were a little cheaper it might be easier to commit to using it for the long term, and helping to improve the moisture and smoothness of my skin.

Overall Conclusion
If you are looking for an eye cream that provides both instant results and long term benefits, then this is definitely the eye cream for you. Other creams that provide instant results tend to stop working after just a few hours, and require constant application. But Murad’s provides the perfect combination of immediate results and long term skin enhancement. You will love the way you look after just a few applications.

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