Women will do anything to keep the appearance of their youth. As we age, we lose a lot of the things we were used to having in life. We no longer get those looks when we go out in public, and you may even notice that people just aren’t quite as nice as they were when we were youthful.

This was one of the biggest problems for me as I started noticing an increase in wrinkle’s around my eyes. It also seemed that each and every day when I woke up I would find it harder and harder to get rid of those bags under my eyes. Of course, it didn’t take long until I started looking for eye creams to help alleviate these problems. I recently spent a few weeks with La Mer: The Eye Concentrate. I don’t really think this is that great of a product.

After a few weeks of use, I only noticed a slight improvement of the appearance around my eyes. The bags and dark circles started to disappear ever so faintly, and the wrinkles might have been a little softer. I just couldn’t tell for sure. The results from this product would probably be okay if I had been able to afford using it for longer. But with the cost per bottle and the mild results I had, I just gave up.

Effect on the Skin Around the Eyes Rating
Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles ????
Reduces Dark Circles ????
Reduces Puffiness ????


Product Description
La Mer is an “ultraluxe” eye treatment, designed to dissolve the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, and dark circles around the eyes. It takes advantage of a magnetically-charged mineral, hematite, to eliminate the appearance of discoloration, puffiness, and wrinkles. Used long enough, it can make your skin noticeably healthier, bright, and energetic. It’s retail cost is $165 per bottle, with free shipping.

Active Ingredients
I could not find any information about the ingredients in this product beyond the mentioning of hematite. I would assume that many of the ingredients in this product are similar to other eye cream’s of a similar quality.

What I Like About This Eye Cream
I really liked the way I felt when I purchased this cream. A big part of the appeal is that it is “ultraluxe,” and we girls really do deserve to pamper ourselves. It had a very pleasant scent that I enjoyed, too, and the texture was just right. When it comes to giving the appearance of a premium product, La Mer really gets it right.

What I Don’t Like About This Eye Cream
For $165 per bottle, I expect to see some noticeable results by the time I complete use of the product. I couldn’t really see any major improvements in the skin around my eyes when I started using this product. Unfortunately, if you are going to spend this much money, I don’t think you should do it here.

Overall Conclusion
While I am sure some women swear by their La Mer, I think it is more of a placebo effect than anything else. I have experience with very many eye creams and can tell you that this one did not perform as good as the rest. If you require an “ultraluxe” imported product, then La Mer is right for you. But if you just want something that works, look elsewhere.

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